Molly on the Rocks (synthesizia) wrote in component_help,
Molly on the Rocks

Comments Stretching Entry Page [firefox; mac]

Layer ID: 9340123

When I get long comment threads, the entry page becomes really wide. This is problematic because my bottom scrollbar doesn't appear when threads get too long, and I can only see the right side of the page. This is only a problem when I have my layout positioned on the right (never been an issue when centered or on the left).

What I'm asking for:
1) The scrollbar thing only happens in Firefox, so is this browser incompatibility? If so, is there code I can enter that will give me a scrollbar for the bottom.

2) I've tried the comment header tutorial, but it doesn't shrink it enough. Is there more that can be done to fit all the comments and long comment threads on the page?

Firefox: Free Image Hosting at

Safari: Free Image Hosting at
Tags: /topic-layout: stretching, status: closed

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