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user info icons and friends page help

So this my first time with a component layout. I usually do better with CSS codes. I'm using parachute's codes and I basically spent half the day teaching myself how to edit/adjust the codes to my liking. Anywho, two things I cannot figure out! Checked the mems and tags, and couldn't really find the help I need.

I couldn't figure out the code for this:

Image Hosted by

So, I just used the CSS version of the codes. It worked, except it gave me this:

Image Hosted by

BIG GAP between the journal entry and the mood, music, etc. Any idea how to re-adjust this?

My theme layer:

Second question:

I want to replace livejournal's original icons for user and community, but I cannot find/understand the codes to do so for the component layer:

Image Hosted by

What exactly do I put it (I have the icons I want to use, but with what code do I link it to) and where? Again, many thanks! I must seem ignorant.
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