Susan (albur_lily) wrote in component_help,

A few questions...

1: One of my free components seems to have something wrong with the padding and alignment. If you look at the box called "Inspirational Selection" on my journal (albur_lily) you can see how the text touches the box sides and although the solution must be simple, I can't figure it out. I hadn't noticed it before because it only had the blinkie in it previously, which, as you can see is fine.

2: I'm using scrollbars within my entries. However, some of the entries (although, not all) appear like this in not only the comments but in the general view too. I know the screenshot is difficult to make out, so you can also see an example here and most especially here. In this post it's fine. I assume it's a measurement fault I made in my codes, but I'm having trouble identifying which measurement is wrong. The journal should be, throughout all entries, 450px wide.

Can anyone offer some advice? My layer ID is: #9452499

Many thanks in advance. [SOLVED - Thank you, uniquewonders!]
Tags: /topic-component: free text, /topic-layout: stretching, /topic-layout: width, status: closed

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