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Solved!!!! Going Completely Rounded, Halfway There: Entry/Comment Pages & Year and Month Pages


My Layer: #4542390

My layer consists of many tutorials including CTE, rounded entries, rounded components, custom comments with quick reply, and many others, which is why I am asking here.

I don't want to tackle the wrong tutorial and completely mess up my layer when this will most likely be the last change I will be making to the code for a very long time, as I've customized everything else. Thank you so much in advance for all the help you give me with completing this massive (and uber awesome) layout!!!

1) How do I make the rectangle comment navigation boxes (one is located between the entry and the comments, the other is located between the comments and the mass action rectangle box) have rounded corners?

2) How do I make the comments have rounded corners on the bottom?

3) How do I make the Mass Action rectangle box at the very bottom of the page have rounded corners?

4) How do I make the bottom of the mini-calendars and the year navigation bar on the Year View Page all have rounded corners?

5) How do I make the bottoms of the date selections and the top month navigation bar on the Month View Page all have rounded corners?
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