Lev, le, elsk. (abolish) wrote in component_help,
Lev, le, elsk.

SOLVED - Getting rid of the (LINK) at bottom of entry, compacting navigation component, ect.

Sorry if these are in the memories, I couldnt seem to find them.
First I want to get rid of the (LINK) at the bottom of my entries.

Second, I want to make my navigation component not so big (in height , example here).

Third, I want to change my Tag, Mood, & Music into images.

Fourth and final one, I want to get rid of the Edit Tag, Tell A Friend, Track This at the bottom of my entry. And I want to change Edit Entry & Add To Memories into actual links - not images (If thats possible), if its not possible how do I change them to images, example here.

My layer in case you need to view it - 10572576
Tags: /topic-component: navigation, status: closed

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