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[Admin] Tags Usage Guidelines

Tags can only be added by members of component_help. Tags can only be created and deleted by maintainers of component_help.


When you post a new entry, you may use status: open and any tag from the /topic category. Try to select only the most relevant one(s), please. For example, if you have a question about a tutorial modifying entries, it's best to use a /topic-tutorial tag rather than a /topic-entry tag. On the contrary, if you have a question about entries but don't know any tutorial which can do what you want, use a /topic-entry tag. If you feel none of the tags available to you are relevant or think you made a mistake, don't worry and leave it to maintainers. :)


Helper may use the status: pending tag if they're committed to answer a request in its entirety, until they fully solve it or realize they're unable to. Don't worry if you haven't solved the problem or only solved partially. Simply add status: open so that other helpers may know the user still needs help.

Otherwise, if you can or want to help with only part of the request, leave the status: open tag.

Don't use status: closed as only maintainers may determine if a case is closed.

N.B. This post uses the status: open and status: pending tags to make sure they stay public.
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