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Various things: header, page alignment, entry backgrounds...

I've recently added in a header to my layout using a code that had worked pefectly previously. I think though that the code may be 'clashing' with what codes I already have. I'm using Firefox version, Internet Explorer version 6.0 for testing and my Layer ID is #10785810.

1. When my COMMENT link is clicked, the layout does this (although it did that already without the header). It also does it in IE:
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2. On my friends page (both normal and filtered) the bottom of the header touches the entries. Oddly, I don't have this problem in IE:
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3. On a side note, (ignoring the transparent images that show white), IE doesn't seem to like the image I have inside my entries as it does this:
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I do believe that's everything wrong now, but since I keep coming back I shouldn't bet on it!

Many thanks in advance. SOLVED - Thank you!
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