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on security icons

Some of the latest release notes (such as release 24 and later) indicate that they've put in new custom security icons, which I do see on my entries now. The question I have is that I seem to remember reading (but I can't find it now, natch, or I'd link it in) that the metadata was also available, which implied to me it might be possible to set up an owner-only view of one's own journal that listed which friend's group was in effect for an entry.

Questions. Has anyone done this** already, and if so which tutorial is it? I browsed a bit, but all I found were things like "change the custom security icon", so that wasn't quite what I was looking for. I'm perfectly happy with the icons themselves.

If this hasn't been done, then the question is, is that info actually available? I can hack this up, given a few pointers, if this *is* possible.

**In case it's not clear, what I'm talking about is something like this: There's four ways to set the security on an individual entry: public, friends, private, and custom. For the custom setting, it could be any (one or more) of a set of custom friends group. What I would like to do is something like this: for the entry set to a custom security level, a list of which custom groups can see the entry appearing under the icon (or in some reasonably located place). If this info's available, I could use a few pointers on which variables or function calls I'd need to use to get the info...

If it's *not* possible, then let me know, before I poke around for too long ;-). Thanks.
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