Lisa Fewell (liabunny) wrote in component_help,
Lisa Fewell


I don't know what I've done wrong with my code... I'm working on editting the print_entries thing and now my components are showing up at the bottom, under all the entries, instead of at the side. I've been messing with this for the longest time and can't figure out what's wrong. I'm assuming I forgot to close a table or div tag somewhere but I can't find it... Could someone look over it and help me? Please?

I figured out that the part that was affecting it somehow is under the Mood/Music part... where I closed the table there. Every time I moved that around, or if I tried to put that in a div tag, it changed it all and screwed it up worse...

*sigh* I feel like such an idiot, I've been messing with it so long I should have figured it out by now :p

edit: It's fixed now :) Thanks all of you for your input and help. And thanks so much masterslacker for fixing my code for me! :)

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