Tara (ainabarad) wrote in component_help,

All code in a theme layer?

Is it possible to not use the wizard or a user layer at all and have all code entirely in a theme layer so that if you switch from one layout to another and back you won't need to change anything, just select to use the theme layer? Or should both the user layer and theme layer be saved for easy switching back to? I'm asking because I'm considering playing around with other layouts, but I want my component layout to be safe and super easy to switch back to. I know there is a way (that most find easy) to preview layouts before actually using them and I've done it before, but for some reason it struck me as a bit complicated to do. Anyway, my main reason for asking this is that I know eventually LJ will have more new layouts for all of us to play with and when that day comes I definitely want my component layout to be safe and easy to switch to.
Tags: /topic-code: layers, status: closed

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