Tara (ainabarad) wrote in component_help,

Metadata CSS? Removing Extra Space on Specific Components? LinksList CSS?

I've been working on making me a new layout (and actually thought I wouldn't need to ask for help! LOL). Anyway...

1) Is there a way to customize the font size and line height of the metadata with CSS? I've tried many different things, including this code (see below), but nothing is working as well as expected.

.entryMetadata {
font-size: 8px;
line-height: 10px;

2) Is there a way to fix the empty padding-ish space on specific extra components (specifically my random quote component - I think it only shows up in Firefox)?

See the extra/empty space above and below the quote? How can I get rid of that?

3) Lastly, Is there anyway to spcifically adjust/customize the appearance of the linklist via CSS (hover and such) without effecting other portions of the layout as well? I assumed not, but thought I should ask just in case.

Theme Layer: #11569073
Tags: /topic-component: links, /topic-tutorial: custom entries, /topic-tutorial: multi-level tags, status: closed

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