Kelly (herhandinhis) wrote in component_help,

Hey all, I've got two questions I'm hoping one of the lovely component experts here will be able to help me out with.

I want to add messenger links to my profile but as you can see if you take a peek at my journal, this didn't work with the 'addme' link I entered in there so I haven't yet attempted it. For some reason I get a blue border around the icon. Could someone tell me what I'm doing or not doing to cause this? I'm sure it's something simple but I haven't a clue and I've noticed plenty of other people have managed to get it right *sigh*

Other thing is probably a little more complicated, but also probably been asked here a dozen times before. How can I edit my friends page so that entries of a certain length are contained in a scroll box in order to prevent them from stretching across the screen? If that makes any sense. The resolution on my comp is 800x600 and I find it a pain to have to keep scrolling back and forth to read each line. If possible, I want to avoid doing this with MY entries and keep it just to my friend's page.

Thanks in advance :)

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