Search for beauty, find your shore. (poptops) wrote in component_help,
Search for beauty, find your shore.

Scroll bar for component layout?

Hi, I was wondering if you guys could help me?

How do you add a custom scroll to one of sidebar boxes? I already added the code - but it only shows up in firefox, and not on IE.


to see the problem in IE. The box which says "Snapshots" should have a scrolling bar on it. It shows up in firefox though - ugh. This is driving me insane.

If you could help me, it would really be appreciated. :] I already looked at the tutorials here, but I still couldn't do it. :[

[Mods, I'm sorry. I don't know how to tag this.]

Thank you again for helping me. :] I have to put the codes in a box so they won't fit, I'm sorry.
Tags: /topic-component: scrollbar, status: closed

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