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Navigation bar height, reply colours, date and subject in header...

I need help with a few different things, I've tried looking for what I want, but can't seem to find anything, or anything I do find doesn't seem to work...

Layer id=12365038
This is how my navigation bar looks now:

1. I want to shrink the height, and have it all the same colour. I've made it blue using css on the .header, thinking that might do it, but it's just made it have a grey border. And I've no idea how to shrink the height, the grey bit at the top always stays that height. So basically, I want it to look like this:

2. I've the following code to make the text on my reply page show up when I have a dark background, and it works perfectly, but when I click reply on the entry page (not replying to a comment, just clicking the reply button on the linkbar), it's back to being black text again, is there something similar for that?
#postform table td font b,
#postform table td select,
#postform table td {
color: $*comp_fgcolor;
font-size: 10px;

3. On both the reply page and the entry page, is there a way to have no border around the ticky boxes and radio button things? Or at least make them the same colour as the component background?

Layer id=11528758

4. I've changed my date and subject so it's all in the header, and the subject is on top of the date. This looks fine, and it works on my recent entries, but on my friends page, it makes all the entries join up, and they indent. It's as though my friends page has turned into a comments thread. Is there a way to have my date and subject like that, without breaking everything? (And I've attempted again to change the width of my nav bar, but again, it still has that top margin or padding or something there.)

Non-layer specific
5. Scrollbars. In firefox, if I implement the scollbars option, lots of entries have vertical scrollbars, even if they don't have large images, and you can only move them a tiny bit? And in IE, if it does have a large image, it gives me the horizontal scrollbar, but it also puts a vertical one on too... Is there a way I can JUST have the horizontal scrollbar?

And can I just say, the updated tutorials are just absolutely brilliant. It's all so well put together, and neat and... just a pleasure to work with. I'd been using really old coding, and decided to redo my layouts, and my layers are so much tidier and easier to customise. So thank you very much!
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