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Can't get header to show up...

I've looked in the memories and tried my hardest to get the codes for a header to work and I have no luck whatsoever. PLEASE HELP! I'm at a loss. I had the header code in here once before but I think I deleted it and now I don't remember where to put it, or what the correct code would be for me!

::EDIT:: I should also state I want the header above everything not in place of the title.

Still can't get the header to work on the old layer. I made a new one and there are a few things that are bothering me...

I would like the top navigation links to be equally stretched along the top instead of being put to the left hand side. And I would like the "previous" and "next" links on the top removed as well.

Also, I do not like the borders that seem to be around everything on there at all. Is there anyway to get rid of them?

I feel bad for asking all of this. I used to be really good at these layouts but I haven't done anything on them in a long time!
Tags: /topic-layout: image header, /topic-tutorial: custom layout, status: closed

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