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Calendar and nav comp, reply page, custom filter link, text alignment, year page, security images...

I have thirteen questions, sorry there's so many, and I've really tried to fix them myself, but I just seem to break things whenever I try with these ones. And a couple of them I don't even know if they're possible...

Layer id: 9023738

- When I click the calendar, to go back a month, it breaks. Possibly something to do with me having set the width of the components to 100px? But why doesn't it look like that when I haven't clicked it to go back? And can I have it 100px, and still have the calendar working? Answered!

2. How do I delete the box on my entry page that says 'comments'? I know it's been asked before, because I've deleted it before, but I can't remember how, and I can't find it in the memories, tutorials, or by searching... Solved!

3&4. How do I turn the links in my metadata white? I've managed to figure out how to make the tags white, but not the custom filter link. And how do I vertically align everything in the metadata so they're in the middle of the picture beside them, not at the bottom? Solved!

5. The last line in the navigation component is thicker than the others, how can I fix that? Solved!

6. How do I turn the link to the entry in the page summary component white? Solved!

7, 8 & 9.
- How do I centre everything in the pink box? Solved!
- How do I make the "Year:" in the yellow box bold? Solved!
- There's a big gap where the red arrow is, is there a way to expand the boxes where the blue arrows are? Or shrink them and have three per line. There was some code here for something like that, but all it did was give me large gaps underneath the boxes. Solved!

10 & 11.
- These are the ones I think might not even be possible... Can I delete everything in red on the reply page? Solved!
- Can I delete everything in red in the quick reply? Solved!

- Can I move the things in blue to the right side, and turn the words into images? I've got the parent and thread links to be images, but can't seem to get the reply link to turn into an image, (it just gives me the whole < img src= as a link, not the actual image) nor can I seem to align the whole thing to the right. Solved-ish...
- Can I move the things in the yellow box to where they are in the bottom picture? Solved!
- Can I change the stuff in the red box to look like they do in the bottom picture? I can't get the time on another line with a picture alongside it. And I have the alignment problem again; the text is aligned at the bottom of the picture, not in the middle. Solved!

13. Can I move the security icon from the header beside the date and time, to alongside the subject? Solved!

Thanks very much for any help you can give and sorry again for it being so many things. ^^;;
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