STARTASTiC ☆ (ohdoll) wrote in component_help,

Links, Navigation and Custom Security Icons...

- 001. My links are specifically set to be #FF9FC5 and 95% of them are showing up as a grey color; 1 or 2 (possibly because they're visited, or something) are showing up the pink that I want.
- 002. There's a double line above my 'Previous' link in my navigation. Is there any way to get rid of one of them?
- 003. I tried to use the tutorial to have custom security and public icons, but for some reason, it's not working (I don't remember if I removed the snippet of coding from it or not since even though it's not working I didn't get an error message, but I'm sure I didn't).

I think that's all I'm having difficulty with as of right now, but if I remember something...I'll re-post or edit this entry.

My layer ID is 13052530 and you can view it here.

Thank-you. =)
Tags: /topic-tutorial: custom entries, status: closed

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