Toboe LoneWolf (toboe_lonewolf) wrote in component_help,
Toboe LoneWolf

Tags triggering entry change

This is just something I'm curious about. I noticed that this community has different entry backgrounds depending on what kind of "status:" tag it has -- blue for pending, yellow for open, and default white for closed/ot/no tag at all. I'm wondering how that was done -- I'm guessing it's somehow related to this tutorial, but that one has stuff with hidden entries and announcements, and to tell the truth, I don't get it. :P

I wonder if a tutorial could be made for the "tags-change-entry-background" effect (or how to modify the tutorial I linked above to do that). Or at maybe even changing-entry-layout, like, options for the tag to trigger the entry header to have a different color. Or to change the entry text color. Or the userpic is on the right side instead of the normal left, etc.

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