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Navigation Style component

Ok first off I'd like to say a great big thank you to the people who have made up the tutorials that I've been using for the past few days. They are wonderful. With one exception. I have absolutely no freaking clue what you guys are talking about with all the code stuff. Its like you guys are all speaking some alien off-world language and I don't have any way to interpret.

I've done ok so far with the cut/paste/delete trial and error approach. My journal is so far just pretty much exactly the way I want it. Probably have some ugly code in there as I don't know what all needs to go and what can be deleted but anyway like I said so far I've been able to just copy/paste my way into a journal that I like.

However. I wanted to add another component. One in the Navigation Style as the title of this post would suggest. I managed to copy/paste it in and not get an error message... only... its not showing up on my page. So. any clue what I might have done wrong or a step I might have skipped or something? If you need more info just ask. Like I said I'm pretty clueless about it so I don't know what else I should offer. Thanks.

edit: well I managed to get a component in there. only thing is that it seems to -HAVE- to be right under my free text component. which isn't where I want it. any way around that?

on a side note... geez whoever said S2 was the easier customizing style must have been high. well that or its just a case of 'can't teach an old dog new tricks' as I'm much more comfortable with my old reliable HTML.

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