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need a lot of help.

this is my first paid account & component layout, so i have really no idea what i'm doing lol. current layout codes.

updated; 01/28

1) how can i remove the little border line underneath my subject? SOLVED
& make the text in the entry go more towards the entry border like my previous layout instead of my current one. SOLVED

2) how can i move the mood above the text in my entry (below subject)? & how can i make it say "mood:" infront of the mood icon? SOLVED

3) on the comments page, when i hover over the 'edit, track this etc' links, how can i put them lowercased? SOLVED
also when i reply or edit a comment, my userpic shows up in the entry, how can i remove it? SOLVED
is there any way to make the P lowercase in Picture to use in the comments? SOLVED
how can i get the drop down menu to font size 9? SOLVED
for the 'check spelling and preview' is there any way to replace 'and' with '&'? SOLVED
how can i disable the selecet box? SOLVED

4) how can i get rid of the white part & replace it with C9EEF5? SOLVED

5) when i edit a comment, it says "read comments" instead of my image, how can i change that? SOLVED

6) how do you put a space between the entry & the comment form like this? (the rainbow part is her background), this is how mine looks now. SOLVED

7) when i go to read an entry of mine, when either clicking the permalink or read comments, the date is arial 8 unbolded, how can i get it back to arial; 10 bolded? SOLVED

8) & on my sidebars, where it says "calender & quotes" how do i get the scrollbox to fit correctly next to the borders? SOLVED

9) well since i can't figure it out on my own, how can i keep my comments from stretching my layout? i've tried this tutorial & it does decrease it, but not by much (i even tried lowering it to '1'). i even tried this one, but it makes my entries even wider than they were before...so i'd like to do this (bottom one), cut the header in half & see if that works out. SOLVED

10) how can i delete this bar at the bottom of the comments page? SOLVED

11) how can i change the background of the previous/next on the bottom to white instead of blue? SOLVED

12) how can i get the 'reply, thread, parent' links on the comment page to be images? SOLVED

13) last one, when you hover over the bullet next to someone's username (this) can that be all lowercase too? SOLVED

14) how can i bold the word "mood:" infront of the mood icon?

15) how can i center the mood text with the mood icon instead of having it on the bottom? ex; this to this?

16) internet explorer isn't allowing me to reply to a comment on the full reply page, it works fine in firefox. & how can i get rid of the border thats around the 'logged in user' part for IE?

17) when i delete comments on entries, how can i customize this to where it has a white background & the font is arial 9?

18) i just noticed this, but i'm not sure if there's a way to fix it. can i change the inner border (the light sky blue) of the previous/next links to white without changing the inner borders on the rest of my headers? ex; i want to change the previous/next to this but keep the flat look on the rest of my headers.

19) how can i get the 3px spacing at the bottom of the reply page? (this is how it is now).

sorry for all these questions, i promise after this i will be done, for a very long time :)

could someone please help me? thanks...
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