i am jack's broken heart ★ (already_used) wrote in component_help,
i am jack's broken heart ★

Customized security image doesn't show up on the reply page.

Hey! :)

I'm a newbie when it comes to Component layouts (I always had Flexible Squares or The Boxer ones) and I've got the following problem:

When I'm on my recent entries page/comment page the lock for protected/public entries is my customized one. But as soon as I reply to a comment (meaning, when I'm on the reply page), I'll get the ugly livejournal lock. And I have no idea where in the code I have to change that. Or if it's even possible. >:


And I'm also wondering how I can change the Jan. to January like in the left picture?
As well as how to change the "height" of the customized lock? It's too high.

I already checked the tags but didn't find anything. >:

» current layout code
Tags: /topic-entry: date, /topic-entry: security, /topic-page: reply, /topic-tutorial: custom entries, status: closed

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