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Component Updates: Page Summary and Edit/Memory Icons

As mentioned in s2component here, some updates to Component went Live last night. You can turn them on and off from within the wizard, but If you can't use the wizard then you can use the following Instructions.

Page Summary
There is now a page summary in the Component Layout, but it is disabled by default. You can use the following line in your user/theme layer to turn it on:
 set show_summary = true;

The summary is defaulted to be the sixth component, so it will be last in your component list. If You'd like to change the ordering, then you can modifiy the following default lines by swapping the values assigned to set your component in their respective orders:
 set first_position = "navigation_order";
 set second_position = "profile_order";
 set third_position = "calendar_order";
 set fourth_position = "links_order";
 set fifth_position = "free_text_order";
 set sixth_position = "summary_order";

Edit/Memory Icons
Positioning of the Icons has been standardised and put on all the pages between the userpic and the entry text. It is on by default. If you'd like to turn it off on some of these pages, then the commands would be:
 set show_recentnav_icons = false; # for the Recent Page and Friends Page
 set show_entrynav_icons = false; # for the Entry Page (the one with comments)

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