Raven Moon (raven_moon) wrote in component_help,
Raven Moon

Font not showing properly

I have checked around, and can't find mention of this issue. If there is one, please link me, and I will go read up!

I use a Mac, and on all my browsers there, my layout has the correct font (in user layer: set font_family = "Lucida-Grande, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif";). On a PC, (In IE, not sure about Firefox, although I think this is the case in Firefox as well) it shows up as an itty bitty serif face. (Very hard to read!)

I have tried changing my font specification, thinking maybe the PC side was substituting Lucida Bright, but it didn't change, even with the font set to: set font_family = "Verdana, Arial, sans-serif"; I have pored over my code, and there is nowhere else to specify a typeface.

I know my implementation is a little old, but everything else works like a charm. Any ideas on how to get this setting to actually show up?

Thanks a million for any ideas. (If needed I will post my layers, but I can't from this computer...)
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