Amira (toxicghoul) wrote in component_help,

input type="password" not working

Hi, I am currently using Kunzite's old control panel component. I, however, have a bit of a problem. In the password input field, I set the type to password, however, when I compile the code and check to see if it works, the password field does not work properly. Instead of hiding the password it just shows every letter thus making it completely visible. I right clicked on my layout and checked the source code and this is what I get:

input type="" name="password" size="13" maxlength="30"

If, however, I change the input type to text, the source code shows

input type="text" name="password" size="13" maxlength="30"

So for some reason it doesn't like the word password. Any idea as to why this happens would be greatly appreciated.

Source Code here

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