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Page Summaries and Customised Entries.

If you've used the Customising the Entries tutorial, and you'd like to use the new Page Summary component, you'll need to update your print_entry function. I just modified the tutorial by adding a small if ... else statement to the top of the funtion that will put the html anchors that are used in the Page Summary component links. You *will* need to do this to get the links to work properly. You don't need to worry about updating the rest of the code. As long as you insert the following 5-line if ... else block at the start of your function then you'll be fine.
  # Print the anchor to be used in the page summary.
  if ($p.view=="friends") {
      """<a name="$e.journal.username$e.itemid"></a>""";
  } else { # for recent and day pages.
      """<a name="item$e.itemid"></a>""";
If you'd like to see where to place it, I recommend you look at the original tutorial.


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