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free text component not working+a few other things

hello everyone i went through all of the beginners guide tips and turorials but there are some things i just can't figure out on my own so im gonna ask you now ..i hope you can help me.
ok first of all i dont know whats wrong with my free text component thingy i can't find it nowhere to add text or anything could someone show me that please?!
second of all i want to change the hight of my entry nav.line hight is set at 9 but idk the entryheaders seem to be bigger :S
and also i would like to change the images for "edit entry", "memories","track this" etc. is there a tutorial for that ?
thirdly i would like to know how to get rid of the "link" in the comp background (its on the pic too)

i read the userinfo and it sais that you are not allowed to post your whole code...shall i post it or not ? in order for you to help me with these things ?

thanks in advance :)
the screenshot is behind the cut.

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Tags: /topic-component: free text, /topic-entry: header, /topic-entry: linkbar, /topic-entry: permalink, status: closed

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