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A few questions

First off, here is my [clearly] messed up layer. I'm not as good with S2 as I am with CSS... so I've done the best I can. Now for the questions.

1. I'm using the three-column layout. What I would like to do is have it laid out like this:
<--- click
I can't seem to find any codes for reordering the components in a three-column layout. It could also be right in front of me, but I'm still working on my S2 skills.

2. In the future I would like to change the colors using CSS. I read the tutorial on where to put it, I just don't know what to put. I feel like there's a better way to change stuff than the "set" commands.

3. My userpics disappeared! I think I accidentally deleted something in my layer but I'm not sure what.

Help me and I'll reward you with my eternal gratitude. :D

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