pocketfuloflove (pocketfuloflove) wrote in component_help,

Help with component and entry corners?

I checked the memories, tutorials and the tags... I'm using various pieces of the square tutorials (sorry my explanations are so vague - it's Monday morning, haha.)

If you have a look at my layout, the top (title) and such of the components and entry corners are squared. But the bottom of the components and entries are still rounded...

I've tried taking out pieces of my code (it contains rounded codes) but I can't figure out exactly what to do, because every time I remove anything, I get an error code.

Code: here.
StyleID: here.

I posted yesterday with questions, but ended up figuring all that out on my own... Sorry if I'm completely missing something with this! I've honestly looked all around, and I just can't figure out why the bottom of the components and entries are still rounded if the tops are squared.

Thank you very much in advance to anyone who can help me!!

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