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I've been working on getting backgrounds added to parts of my journal, specificly the entry space, and the components. I was having trouble with the entry areas, and because I had already overridden the entry areas by use of masterslacker's tutorial, I was able to get in there to fix the problems with the tables to make it so the background images weren't showing up completely when applied to the entry areas.

However, I'm encountering the same problem with my components, and I do not know how to override the print_comp_header and print_comp_footer. If someone could help me with that, it'd be great. Thanks!

ps. Is it just me, or does the page summary box break if one does not have comments? Is there an if/else statement that can be added or something, to make it go away if there are no comments? Or to put in a piece of nonsense text if there are no entries?

ps. Anyone popping by my LJ to see what I'm talking about... well, the problem with the components doesn't seem to pop up in IE. However, IE sucks because it won't cooperate with nifty things like translucency (how I was doing the flames until I decided that I have too many LJ friends who still use IE for some stupid reason for another), and it doesn't use the fixed background property correctly when it's applied to divs and table cells and other such things.... so it looks fairly funky in IE. However, it's readable so I'm not going to change it since it just looks so nifty in a real browser like Mozilla, Firefox or other standards compliant browsers.

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