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Wanted: navigation bar square at the top, but with rounded corners at the bottom

Hello everyone!

I hope that someone with a better understanding of coding tables might be able to help me out here. I'm using a component layout with round corners. I want to "fake combine" my top navigation bar with a header picture to make it look like the navigation bar is part of the header picture with round corners. To make it "blend" properly the navigation bar needs square corners at the top, but round corners at the bottom.

My (messy) codes can be found here. In function page_layout(Page p) there's code for both the square and the round layout, but sadly I've failed to work out how to "combine" them. Thanks for any help; it will be highly appreciated!

Edit: I messed around with the table codes until it "looked" right in FF and IE. I'm sure it's no proper solution for anyone who's using different line colors, but it's working for me, so I declare this solved foe me (even if the removel of the status tag doesn't seem to work).

P.S.: Spoiler warning! The graphics used for my layout contain pictures of not yet aired episodes of House M.D. season seven. It's safe to check out the screenshot, but be careful with previewing the whole layout. Just saying! ;)
Tags: /topic-comment: header, /topic-layout: image header, /topic-layout: rounded, /topic-layout: square, /topic-nav bar: top, function: page_layout, status: closed, status: open, status: pending

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