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Custumizing the new spam button in the comment link bar

Hi everyone.

LJ recently added a "spam" button in the comment linkbar. I use a tutorial to display my own images instead of the standard LJ buttons, but after the change there's the link text "spam" right in between my custom linkbar images:

Has anyone figured out how to either hide the new spam button/link completely or how to change it to a custom image, too? Any help with this is highly appreciated.

This is my code for the comment linkbar:


Okay, I've kept going through the source codes and I figured it out for my layout code. I've got no idea if this solution works with all other tutorials.

The property pertaining to the new button is:

set text_multiform_opt_spam = "Spam";

Add it to your properties and delete the text between the quotation marks to remove the spam button/link completely. There will be a very small empty space, though.

If you just want to change the image you need to add the following code in the section where you edit all your comment linkbar image urls (for example "edit_comment" => "your image url",):

"spam_comment" => "your image url",

If you also add the property mentioned above you can change the "hover over image" link text there!

Hope that helps!
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