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♥Misty | BabyxDoll♥

Hiding Share (tell_friend) Icon from Linkbar and Separating Entry Icon from Entry Text

Hi, I've never posted on here before but I am wondering how to Hide the "Share" (tell_friend) Icon from Linkbar, it's the big plus sized icon and it only appears on the top entry for some reason:

 photo shareiconlinkbar_zpsfabf0dfb.png

Also, how do we separate the icon used for the entry away from the entry itself? Also, how do you change the font information for the date on the top entry? I was able to change it for every other entry but for some reason it had no effect on the top entry. The sticky post. Here's a screen shot of the icon NOT separated from the post and the date:

 photo entryexample_zpsdc5ce30a.png

Sorry if I this is posted wrong, just trying to learn new aspects of coding. Thank you! :)

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