Jimmy (perceptes) wrote in component_help,

Syndication View

This isn't really component related so this will probably get modded, but I don't know where else to post it.

In my component style, I have my friends page split into two seperate links, one for friends and one for communities. I do this by linking one to http://perceptes.livejournal.com/friends/?show=P and the other to http://perceptes.livejournal.com/friends/?show=C. The problem is that neither of these seems to include syndicated feeds. Is there some value for show= that will make feeds show up? I tried show=S, the obvious possibility, but it didn't do anything. Also, if there is a querystring value for it, is there a way I can include the feeds with the communities, i.e. show=C&S?

Thanks a lot!

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