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Friends of Friends

So what's it mean when no one answers a question? Does that mean no one knows the answer? Does that mean there just -isn't- a way to do what is being asked? Does it mean that its so simple that everyone just figured someone else would answer it and no one got around to it? *chuckles*

Maybe it really is just something really simple and I just don't have a clue. And I really hate to be all like making a second post about the same thing but if there's a way to do it I really do wish I knew how. So could anyone tell me how to go about changing the title on the -Friends of Friends- page? if its even possible? please?

Oh... and maybe how do you change the title on the pages made when filtering friends' groups? It would probably be done the same way I guess and I know that's been done I've seen it.... so anyone? pretty pretty please? if its already explained someplace and I just didn't see it even just pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. thanks.

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