Michael (masterslacker) wrote in component_help,

Searching by Userinfo information (Multisearch)

Would you like to search for someone based on an Instant Messenger contact? Or how about a quick way to get to someone's userinfo page without having to type a url? Then here's a search form which was taken off of the normal LiveJournal pages (such as at the top of your Userinfo page). You can embed this form in a free text box on your layout for a quick easy way of jumping to a userinfo page or finding the identity of someone who IMs you.

    <form id='Search' action='/multisearch.bml' method='post' style='display: inline'>
      <label for='SearchTerm'>Search:</label>    
      <input id='SearchTerm' type='text' name='q' size='15' value='' />
      <label for='SearchType'>Category:</label> 
      <select id='SearchType' name='type'>
        <option value='user'  selected='selected'>Username</option>
        <option value='email' >Email</option>
        <option value='region' >Region</option>
        <option value='int' >Interest</option>
        <option value='aolim' >AOL IM</option>
        <option value='icq' >ICQ Number</option>
        <option value='yahoo' >Yahoo! ID</option>
        <option value='msn' >MSN Username</option>
        <option value='jabber' >Jabber</option>
      <input type='submit' value='Search' />

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