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images as background/background

HI i am pretty new to this scene but one thing i have noticed is that alot my fellow lj user ppl could not have "pretty" ljs without all of you people who deal with us "stupid" ppl so i thank you! now the the issues

I have quickly discovered lj doesnt like you if you try to add more than one background image. I have a image before my entries at the top and i cant seem to get a background image as well.(one or the other it appears) I was also woundering if theres a way to put an image as a background in each componet box

i am sOOOO sorry if this has been delt with by a fellow stupid lj person i look and searched and had angry shouts with the ciomputer and i didnt find it so if you could help me LOVE YOU! if you cant its okay i still kinda love you but not as much and if you can direct me to where this has already been adressed hugsN kisses! lol le sigh thanks!
-just a girl..lost in html..find me?!

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