Lisa Fewell (liabunny) wrote in component_help,
Lisa Fewell


I changed the font size all through the style sheet so that it's at 11px now instead of the .7em or whatever it was... I tried 12px but it just looked way too big to me... can everyone read it ok now? Or do I need to put it back at 12px?

Also added a tiny bit of color so it's not so bright... Darkened up the font just a bit, makes it easier to read, and added in the navy color... I personally like the contrast with the dark and light, rather than adding in a lot of color... What do y'all think?

Oh, and... I feel stupid having to ask this, but... corneliousjd, would you mind making the minicalendar so it has the circles? For some reason I have the hardest time getting the colors right when I do it... I somehow managed to get it how I wanted it on my personal journal, but I started messing with it here and couldn't get it right and finally changed it back and gave up :p Or can somebody tell me which part I need to edit to get the circles in the right colors? That's the only part I have a problem with. They kept showing up as blue for some reason

Thanks :)

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