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I have a couple of questions if no one would mind answering them for me ^__^

1. ( I read the thing in the toturial about this but i didnt understand it *__* ) How do i get scrollbars on my entries and components? and how do i customize the colors on them to fit the scheme of my journal?

2. How do i make it so that when my mouse hovers over a link the link blurs? and if its possible how do i make the mouse itself change into an image that i want?

3. How do i make it so that when someone is leaving my LJ the screen fades away?

If I'm not making any sence just tell me and ill try and make myself more clear

I think thats it, thank you so much if you can help me!! if these questions were posted before im so sorry, ive been scrolling about in here and didnt see anything! thanks again!!

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