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Friends page components chopped off

Hi. I'm relatively new to S2 but haven't had any major problems so far with the component system until now.
Couple of questions though :

1. On my site I have my LJ integrated through an iframe. The components display fine on the main, recent entries view, but when I look at my friends page the right quarter of the components are chopped off. This does not seem to be a problem when displaying the journal separate from my homepage - ie baggas. Anyone got any ideas as to what the problem might be and how to fix it? Failing that, how do I make it so the "page summary" component doesn't show on my friends page?

2. Do you know of any ways to add a "BlogRoll" or Music playlist component, shortly of manually editing html links/text? I've found a few ways to do this but they all seem to use javascript, which for some reason livejournal doesn't allow.

Thanks for any help you can offer - this is a great community. I've found it very useful so far.

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