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What should I be on the lookout for?

Hello everyone,

Right now I've been churning away at various modifications of my livejournal. Many of which I have had in mind for quite a while, or just suddenly dawned on my while I was in the writing process. Right now I'm thinking of doing something that to me will be remarkably different and more difficult. Primarily this is because in the past I was simply integrating the ideas of other people and bits of sample code into my LiveJournal while modifying it to my own tastes along the way. This time, I will be writing something pretty much on my own, granted I'm going to take bits and pieces from various tutorials found on here, but nonetheless it presents itself as a challenge to me. This brings about the point of this whole post. I am about to present my idea to you, I know it's already been under consideration somewhat through xevinx's test account, but the point of this presentation is twofold.

  1. Has this been done in anyone's journal before...? Have parts of it been done? Do you have any little snippets of code that might be helpful so I can steal/borrow them?
  2. What parts of this idea do you see that could be horrendously tought to get past or possible walls that make this sort of modification impossible?

Basically I have been irritated while looking at my personal journal, and in part the friends-view, for purposes of initial idea development into code, i'm going to focus on my personal journal (recent view). This irritation comes from the 'unobtrusiveness' of the date header. All my entries visually flow into one another, making it rather hard at first, analytical glance, to tell where a day begins and where a day ends. This is pretty irritating for me in general about livejournal because at first glance, it's kinda hard to gauge just how much a person updates his/her/its journal. Basically what I'm am proposing to start development on is this..

I want to have each day's entries, indented but more importantly seperated, by a header at the beginning of each day that says 'M/T/W/Th/F/Sat/Sun' for whatever day that is. This way everything is grouped together. It's kinda hard to visualize this, at least it was for me explaining it to my wife angelfacepasta and a friend of mine from church despa. So I spent the time to photoshop up an image that kinda conveys the look and feel I'm going to try and make. Here it is:

Obviously the fonts for the headers and 'response to' portions are different, and the background isn't exactly the full image I have on my current journal, but it's more than anything conceptual. That being said, let me explain...

  • I have the Monday - March 7th - 2755 header, obviously a date picked out of thin air for design purposes more than anything. Under that header, indented in, is the 1st entry on Monday March 7th 2755. Ideally this will still display that entry's actual subject, and the rest of its nature, like the entries are currently on my journal, will be the same. This picture has the edit button cuz well, I was the owner and viewing it at the time. However, the date is all we're primarily interested in here.
  • Indented below the entry, is what I like to call commentSummary. This will be, if possible, simply the listing ot the current (for this case) 6 responses/comments and their subjects and posting user info. Obviously there will be the included, additional display if I am the owner (ip #). They will also obviously be links to the comment itself, and the user's infoPic and user's Journal.
  • After that twice-indented commentSummary, is the 2nd Entry for Monday. This is to establish the 'pattern' I wish to have overall. If there's a 4th, 5th, and 62nd entry for Monday and they all have respective commentSummaries, so be it. I'm just stating how I'm hoping to have the overall look and feel be.
  • Then we have Tuesday's header. This is to show how I want to have each day seperated by an approriate dayHeader. To fill out the functionality here, I placed another entry, technically the same picture as before (heheheh) indented inside.

While I was typing up this ... explanation, I had the random thought that it might be neat to have in the place of the indenting or the actual (indentor), a marker than kinda states the day it is. like a TD with a background thats an img (MONDAY), aligned vertically. eh, just a thought.

Alrighty, now that I've kinda explained everything, here's what I'm thinkin in terms of strategery (Dubya). I want to have the date section split so I'm primarily working with the variable that deals with DAY more than anything. To do this it might be easiest, although not code-efficient, to use seven boolean vars. These I label monBoolean, tueBoolean, etc. When an entry comes down it checks the time that entry was posted specifically in regard to the day portion. It looks and says if monBoolean==0 and this post was on monday, set monBoolean=1, all other Booleans==0, and print the header for monday, and indent this as the first monday entry. Accordingly, it looks and says if monBoolean==1 and this post was on monday, then it knows that it's not the first post on monday and accordingly prints just its indentation before the '2nd' monday entry. That was a clear as mud.

Ok, I'm not sure if I want to do this with some sort of array [dayVariable][Boolean] esque thing, or mess with if-else statements for 7 variables, or what... but pretty much that's what I'm thinking for qualifiers for the day headers. For indentations I'm thinking of modifying the comment header override tutorial and using the way it performs indentations, to work with this idea. If I do decide to use a TD with a indicative background (mondayimg), i could just do the indentation manually within the if-else statements.

That's about all I've considered so far, I haven't actually started writing this, but I'm point you guys back to my main two questions, please answer them or provide your own comments, thank you much.

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