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FreeFind Search


I just got finished setting up the FreeFind Search box from this turtorial in my journal. No problems as far as I can tell. Everything seems to be working fine. Save for one thing.

I have no idea how to customize the search results page to my journal style. In the tutorial it just says quote: "You will need to will want to customize your search result page in freefind..." *laughs* er... yes like no duh. Only it doesn't explain how.

Now at the FreeFind website in the Control Center area there's a place to customize... but well I'm an idiot and don't know what I'm doing. So... anyone help? Or point me to where this has been explained before please? pretty please? Thank you.

Edit (5/15): Oh come on! Someone? Anyone? I know -someone- knows how because this community uses FreeFind Search! So someone customized the search results page.

Edit: (5/16): Had to go outside the community but found someone to help. Just for the record.

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