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uh-oh I've screwed things up again.

  1. Linking to LJ Users:
    Did they change the format for linking to lj users? Because the following code which displays: tjackson, doesn't work on the Custom Style i'm testing right now. Odd. It works here, and in my other styles. Odder

    <lj user="chsllama"> - I am doing it right, right?

    According to kunzite1, <lj user="blahblah"> is only parsed in entries and comments
  2. The latest and greatest masterslacker tutorial, Changing Navigation Bar To A Rounded Component, isn't displaying worth a damn in Internet Explorer. Anyone know why?

    Well I had been screwing with it to try and get an additional 'usability' feature up there, and I prolly broke it. I recopied from the tutorial, and all is well.
  3. The HTML for the little itty bitty lines that seperate various things and are kinda common in LiveJournals, don't like Internet Explorer either. In case you don't know what i'm talking aboot...

    <div class="entryDash"> <img src="$*SITEROOT/palimg/component/clear.gif" width="1" height="1" alt="" border="0" /> </div>

    In conclusion, Internet Explorer sucks a fatty. I just threw in some HR tags and i'll work on messing with their color and appearance through stylesheets. Ugh.
  4. The transparency code found, here in the brief 'FAQ's tutorial, doesn't like Mozilla FireFox or Internet Explorer.

    Well with the help of kunz, I finally got it behaving like I wanted it to. Basically I couldn't get entry's bgcolor to be transparent, and have that work without setting compBG's and entryHolder's bgcolor to the same, so what we did was to set entry's background to the same image as the page's background and give it the same starting position as the page's background (top left). Seems to work ok.. ... moving on

My 'Minimal User Layer'
My 'Minimal Theme Layer'

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