October 1st, 2003


Leave any comments or suggestions for this community here. (i.e. changes to the layout, tutorials that needed to be added, things to add to the FAQ, the way we are managing this community, etc.)
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question about date format.

hurray for a new community! i think this will be greatly beneficial. i know a lot of component users who have had nagging questions about it. myself included. so here goes...

is there a way to change the format of the date? i switched to component and S2 from refried paper and i liked being able to see what day of the week something was posted. i've run across other people w/ this question but i've yet to find an answer in my on and off searching. i figure that if it is possible it deals w/ the user layers, but looking at the S2 manual and so forth is almost greek to me when i try to initially figure something out.

and thanks again for this community! :)
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Edit, memadd buttons

Is it possible to add the edit and memadd buttons to the recent entries and friends views?

The lack of these buttons is a hassle for me, especially when the site is experiencing load issues. I'd like to be able to edit and add posts as memories without the extra click-through.