October 9th, 2003


Thank you, and more dumb ass questions.

Firstly a thank you to the people who helped me out last night, especially xevinx and the tutorial that helped me get my text centered - god knows how I managed it, but it's centered, the text is different somehow, but it looks fine from what I can tell.
However, I am wondering if it is at all possible to get help in regards to the journal styling of anchan218, I'd rather like to know how to do that and keep getting stuck.
  • todom

A quick question

For some reason, when I check my journal, all of the text looks bigger than it was yesterday. Have there been changes implemented, and, if so, how would I get it to look, well, normal.


Comment Link

For some reason or another whenever I did an override for the comment it will work for 1 comment left but when there is more than 1 well, it says comments instead of the chosen word. Any ideas? I have no absoulte clue and I have tried so many combinations. Not the brightest crayon in the box.
  • lanto

(no subject)

I'm wondering if i could get some help on this matter. I tried to post in the "ask a question" but i didnt get a good answer, prob just a newb wanting to get points.

I'm Using "semagic" and i'm able to change the fonts with it. However i'm not able to make the font carry over onto my journal.
I'm wondering how would i be able to do this? Is it even possable? I'm using the "component" layout. Would i have to change my layers or styles?

It says here Faq #171 that by using the "component i can change the font with "font specification".

I guess this is just a dumb question but i''d really like to know if it can work, since i am bored of the same 'ol fonts.

3 Questions

1. What function would I have to override to get a link to memories.bml in my navigation component, and would this affect any of the navigation component's functionality?

2. Would it be possible at all to get something similar to the "Birthdays" box that appears on the LJ Portal page in a component somewhere? I'm guessing it's not, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

3. This has been asked before, but I'm wondering just how difficult it would be to override print_entry to put those edit/memories/email links next to each entry on the regular page just like they appear on the single-entry page...
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