October 10th, 2003


Font Sizes Fix

It seems LJ has changed the way components is setting font sizes and it's screwing up. Components used to hard code all of the fonts to specific pixel values, but if you look at your style sheet now you can see that it sets the background font to .7em and all the others to percentage values (ie they're sized in relationship to whatever your background font is set to). I'm not the best style sheet expert ever, but according to this reference library on HTML, "On the 'font-size' property, 'em' and 'ex' length units refer to the font size of the parent element. On all other properties, they refer to the font size of the current element." I think that means that your 0.7em sets it to 70% the size of the browser setting? *not sure* I'm beginning to think the broswers aren't sure what to do with it either, and so different browsers will render this differently.

I think this will be a temporary problem, however, so hopefully xevinx can keep us updated when they change the font stuff again.

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