October 15th, 2003

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Scrolling fixed size entries...

Back in S1 I had a CSS class for my entries that included setting height to 350px and overflow to scroll. I then contained my entries in a div tag which gave me nice scrolling boxes for all the entries (really nice for long entries where people don't lj-cut).

Overriding the write_stylesheet() function doesn't succesfully do this. I put those declarations in the entry class, but instead, it makes the boxes about 500px tall sans scroll bars. I'm pretty sure that is because the entry is in a td tag as opposed to a div. Does anyone have either a CSS fix for this, or code for the write_entry function that I can mod to output a div tag?

Entry Icons?

I would love to have my entry icons show up somewhere on the full entry page. I just don't want them on my recent entry page.

Any way I can get this done? I'm pretty new to all of this, as you can see from my LJ I have gotten a few customizations in.
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Thank you!!!

Thanks to whoever paid for this community! You're awesome! :)

Ok, I got it switched to component, but will work on customizations when I get home tonite. I don't have enough time to get sucked into it right now, I'm already running late for an appt. :p

So, any requests on colors? My personal one is all blue and purple, but I thought I'd leave this one a little more neutral for the guys and girls...
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Hi, I have a question.

Thanks to some tutorials on anchan218's LJ, I have managed to change my componants layout a little, and by using tables etc the entry boxes now dont extend past my header graphic (at the top of my page)... which is what I wanted. However, on my friends page, the entries box extends past the header image because of the user icons.

I noticed on anchan218's friends page that the entries wrap around the user icons, and that the icon is in the main entry box and not the background.. (if that makes sense) and so Im wondering how to do that?

Im not asking for a step by step (though that would be handy) but if someone could point me in the right direction in the documentation for figuring out how to do it, I'd be grateful.