October 17th, 2003


disabling specific userpics

how would i disable a specific user's userpic from appearing on my friends pages? here is an old tutorial for s1 layouts. could there possibly be a future implementation of s1-like overrides for s2 layouts? also, an idea for maybe creating an external website with a list of all the s2 stuff, component stuff, and other related items, might be something to look into...
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what's up?

what's up with it saying component_help over the poster's name for entry here? I mean, we know what community it is! That needs to be fixed (not the communities fault - the code for Component).

Also, I'm updating through the update component...anyone else use that?

Adjusting the Word Wrap?

I know nothing about coding this stuff, so be gentle and yet precise with me, please.

I'm using the Larger font size selection, but that means that you have to scroll left to right to see the whole screen (unless, like on my Friends page, you have Components Disabled). Is there a way to adjust the word wrap for the different font sizes? Or is this something that could possibly be hard coded into the style by you?
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hey there,

when someone tries to leave comments in my personal journal, the text input boxes show up as brown text on a dark grey background. this only happens in some browsers, but i can't figure out what settings to twiddle to fix it.
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s2 code

The help info and faq's don't give many examples and are of very limited use when trying to learn this language.

can anyone explain how s2 wants a foreach experssion worked?
the ultimate


Alright, I used that tutorial on how to override the style sheet. Everything is just dandy except for one thing. My background, no matter what I do, won't change from black and white. What am I doing wrong?? Any help is greatly appreciated. <3
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