October 20th, 2003

  • kckitte

text is finally fixed

Yay!!!! I was just reading my journal and I thought something looked odd. And then it dawned on me... the font is finally fixed. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to who ever, where ever.
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Sebastian <3
  • taipa

Code Amber Alert Ticker?

Hi, I tried a few searches, but could not find anything about this.
Before I used the S2 styles, (and just used plain HTML) I had the Code Amber Alert ticker (codeamber.com) on my journal. I was wondering if there was any way this could be added to the component style... maybe in that nice empty space along the top, on the right side of the bar containing the navigation links?
I don't quite understand this S2 stuff yet o_0

(no subject)

Maybe I'm just a little dense or something, but can you "comment out" stuff in S2 code? Specifically, I've added a Freefind search component, and they still haven't managed to get around to spidering me (and it's been several days), and rather than having their error page (the one that makes it look like I haven't set up the service correctly) come up when you try to search, I'd like to temporarily disable the component without losing the code.
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