November 2nd, 2003

Eisei Animated Zzyzx
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Profile Component

I was looking at the previous code and wanted to try some things out, so I found a way to shorten it. This doesn't have the contact info stuff, though.

Also, in this version, the image colors are automatic so you don't have to replace the image tags for the rounded corners, and it retains the side dashes.

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Has anyone else noticed that the month/year on the mini-calendar isn't exactly centered? I didn't notice it until I centered my component headers... so now it's bugging me cuz I'm picky like that :p

And another thing... I'm almost positive that I've seen the links in someone's navigation bar centered... Can't remember where though (maybe I'm imagining things?) I know if you edit the nav bar you screw up some stuff... so I was wondering if there's some way to center the links without screwing anything up?

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I added the profile alter, and now my journal (my view not my friends view) is all justified to the right...What happened?

Apparently, having the boxes on the left makes it upset, or something...