November 11th, 2003

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Free text renamed again.

The print_free_text function has been renamed again. If your customized free text components have suddenly stopped working, this is why. To fix it, you'll have to edit your layer and replace this:

function print_free_text (Page p)

function print_free_text ()

Oh, don't forget the { that's supposed to be on that line, or you'll just break it.

Also, there's no word yet on whether this change is permanent, so you may wish to wait to edit your layer if you're not comfortable with doing it.

EDIT: If you changed your code, it will break again in the near future, since this was a mistake that will be fixed soon.

EDIT 2: The code is now back to normal.

I need help, I guess--

Hello, fellow component users!

Why does lj dislike component so much?

All extra component boxes are gone this morning. Did we switch back to whatever the heck it was before free page p or it is just Santa's elves screwing with my favorite style?

Also, is there any way that we friendly and fun component users could get a heads up of any sort before these changes take place? My font size is wonky again too. I don't mind having to go in and fix things at all, it's just sort of weird when you wake up and say "WELL! now THERE'S a change!"



Font troubles

I've looked thru component_help, but I haven't seen this issue before, so I have to ask.

For whatever reason, my font size has changed. Previously, the text on the component headers and links (comments, etc.) was the default, and the text for my entries was set to small.

Now, when I try to change the size of the entry text in the general customization menu, my journal entries go back to what I'm used to, but the text on all of the components gets even smaller.

What have I done wrong?

(If this issue has been addressed before, I apologize; could you please point me in the right direction?)

Many thanks!


source_viewable = 0

So... I'm curious as to whether the source for this style is available anywhere. I'm a newbie at S2 styles... I know enough to make themes, but not enough to make styles, and I learn much more quickly by example than by hammering away at with docs at the side. Other styles' source is viewable, I know, but I'm really surious as to how this layer does some of the things it does. It just looks so much better than all of the others. :-D

I understand that it's probably not public because people don't want free users looking at the source and somehow using that (or maybe xevinx just doesn't want people ripping off his code). I won't redistribute it if anyone, say, e-mails it or some such.

Err.. yeah. Thanks in advance for any help.
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